head shots

Head shots are a great way to present yourself on marketing material, including prints, websites and social media. Head shots represent one of many forms of photography services I provide and personally enjoy doing. 
When I take a head shot, I am not just attempting to take a picture, but convey a message. This message should not only say something about your personality, but should also say something to your viewer about its purpose. That purpose can be anything from, "I am a valuable candidate" to "I can be a really fun date." I will work with you to not only identify this message, but get as close to finding out who you really are, and what gifts you offer to the world as I can. 
Getting the message and snapshot right are a few steps among many. The magic that occurs in post production process and editing represent a careful set of procedures that my clients never get to see outside of the consistently impressive outcomes that follow. Following an initial set, I work with my clients to identify any additional changes they would like to see. I dedicate time to making these edits at no extra cost, until you are 100% satisfied with the finished product. 

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