A Walk Under a Street Light

I have a love/hate relationship for shots that depend so heavily on the right conditions. They are great when they work well, but they are also about timing. This shot was taken in Alexandria VA right outside of our apartment. My wife picked me up from a meeting on a weekday night, which ended at about 9:30 pm. On my block coming home on a weekday that late, meant you would have a harder time finding parking. It was also a particularly foggy night, which I did not notice until we slowed down to look for an open space. That is when I noticed a man dragging his suitcase across the street in front of the street light. The combination of the fog and his silhouette looked amazing. I promptly told my wife to head inside while I parked the car and expect to take our dog Delilah for a late evening walk. This photo was the result of that request. 

Grace Community Church: Stop Hunger Now Event

Over a thousand volunteers gathers to package and send 100,000 meals for starving children around the world. This was an ambitious and noble undertaking by Grace Community Church and Stop hunger Now, an international crisis relief organization. The effort was based on millions of people that die starving every year and the millions more that go hungry before engaging in desperate measures to survive. For children in particular, the ability to gain an education is compromised by the lack of food and clean water available in impoverished nations. Between 9am and 12pm on December 6th, volunteers packaged hundreds of boxes. It was a pleasure taking stills of the event. And I was not alone. News organizations, including NBC, made it a point to spread the word on this noble effort.