"Being from the Washington DC area I knew how great it was but bringing my wife there for the first time was going to be even better. However when we decided to hire a photographer to follow us to make our pictures more personal I never imagined the experience that we had with Bright and his wife Aisha. Wonderful people and personalities, and Above All Else, not just professional photography, but the professional understanding that can give you photos for a lifetime of memories thank you so much bright and Aisha." - John Morton

"Bright was an EXCELLENT family photographer!  Anyone who can get our three kids to smile and pose nicely for the camera is a true professional.  We are extremely pleased with the high-quality of these photos, and they will be life-long family treasures.  Thank you Bright, for capturing the beauty of our kids as nobody else has been able to." Sandy

"Bright was an absolute pleasure to work with.  The shoot was fully collaborative which was great as we exchanged ideas and visions, and when he takes the lead, it's right on time, and his ideas rock.  And just wait until you receive the finished shots...I was blown away! I am very thankful to have found such a professional and talented artist to work with, and plan on doing so again soon!" - Paul

"Just a quick note to thank Bright for his hard work with producing amazing videos and photos I am very pleased with the end result and will certainly use his services again in the future." - Vermecia