Videography can be an excellent way to experience or re-experiences a treasured event as well as market products and services. Pictures can do this well too, but a video with the right music, narration, colors and effects can make a lasting impact on the viewer. 

We work with clients to identify the visual message they want to send to the viewer before getting to work on videos. We do not simply just take film and submit a long and boring series of spliced together clips. We create short brief videos that can easily be shared on social media such as, vimeo or youtube, and include dynamic lighting, cutting edge transitions, toning, and special effects that will turn any ordinary experience into a highly entertaining well paced motion picture. 

Videography for music videos, commercials, marketing ads, and special events are well within our capacity. We make sure to provide clients with opportunities to carefully view a draft for any necessary changes before a final product is submitted. Some clients know exactly what they want out of a video, while others may not be sure until they actually see it.  Which ever case fits you, we will work with you to hear your vision as well as brainstorm any ideas that will contribute to the development of a flawless series of videos. 


IRON Emperor @ Legendary Cyphers


Videos can be somewhat challenging to put together, where a photo may take 20 minutes at most to edit, a 5 minute video can easily take 20 hours or more. For this reason it can be pricey given the labor, and people have to wait a while before knowing what they got. This is why I occasionally put a sample video together, with a variety of effects. Clients can choose which ones they like and what to see more of. 

This video was filmed at night on a well lit field full of flag football players. Filming sports can be a different beast as compared to a wedding or party. You can get up and personal with your typical special event, but attempting to do so in the middle of a competitive game can be disruptive at best, and get you killed at the very worst. Filming a game requires fast zoom lenses and good judgment on where to be and when to be there. I feel that any sports video absolutely has to manipulate the film speed, usually by slowing some of the more pivotal moments down. This does not only leave a great effect, but any player experiencing a dramatic event on the field will describe the distortion of time during  these moments. 


Legendary Cyphers is composed of freestyle rappers from all walks of life. Young, old, white, black, men, women, white collar, blue collar, it does not matter. Anyone with a love for real hip hop and the talent to spit some bars get the space to battle in this public event that takes place weekly right outside of union square park in New York City on a given Friday night. If you are lucky enough to pass by this area on a Cyphers night, you should stick around to hear some of the most talented rappers that will likely never get heard on public radio. Crowd can amass to the hundreds, but there will be a path made for those who are willing to spit rhymes. 

I filmed this event in support of Iron Emperor which can put the most well paid lyricists to shame with his freestyle skills. He is the gentleman in the backwards hat and is a close colleague of mine. 

As it takes place at night, the low light conditions were somewhat of a challenge to get over. Luckily I had my trusty 50mm lense with that sweat f-stop of 1.5 giving me some great exposure with a shallow depth of field that made every attendee pop while in focus. 


Sample video for a sports league in Northern Virginia